We’re Making Exaggerated Cartoon Wolf Howls at This Electric Motorcycle

The cafe racer concept may go into production early 2018

December 1, 2017 9:00 am

Normally, scrappy racers have a natural focal point: the greasy exposed engine that pierce the otherwise aerodynamic shape.

If you asked us yesterday we might have thought that was a prerequisite for a street bike to look cool. But the price of cool, when it comes to internal combustion engines, is pollution.

We’re hoping this new concept by designers Pablo Baranoff Dorn and Alex Guliyants catches on, because it captures just what we like when it comes to cafe racers: good looks and speed, not necessarily in that order.

racer (4 images)

The concept is called the Model Electric Cafe Racer 1, and is designed to have a full carbon fiber frame and a battery that can run for 75 miles at top speed of 62 MPH. A digital gauge and small built-in storage make this little e-bike a little like its fossil-fueled brethren.

You want comfort? We hear Harley makes trikes that’ll do the job. Otherwise keep your ear to the ground for news from Denzel, who report that the bikes will cost $5K USD and go into production early 2018.

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