The New Standard for Electric Motorcycles Has Arrived

Don't take it to Sturgis just yet. But we're getting warmer.

January 27, 2017 9:00 am

When it comes to electric motorcycles, they just don’t ‘em like they used to.

Which is a very good thing.

Designed by California-based e-bike builder Alta Motors, the Redshift Street Tracker is a light concept motorcycle that weighs 250 pounds but can still dish out 120 ft-lb of torque and 40 HP. Thanks to a waterproof lithium-ion transportation battery that sheds heat via a thermal wicking system and a 14,000-RPM motor that has ridiculous pound-for-pound power despite its svelte stature (it weighs just 15 pounds), the Redshift Street Tracker has a 50-mile range and fully charges in six hours.

Redshift Street Tracker (7 images)

An extension of the chassis Alta used on its Motocross and Supermoto bikes, the concept build does stand out from the other models thanks to its 31-inch seat height and 19-inch wheels. “The tracker project was all about making the Redshift’s looks aligned with its smooth seamless power delivery,” according to Alta. “This is flat track racing and urban commuting in one hooligan-sized package.”

Hooligan, eh?

That’s a label we can live with.

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