Wrangle Up Some Westernwear This Summer

Cowboy is in

July 7, 2022 12:53 pm
a collage of westernwear shirts on a desert background
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It’s official: dressing like a cowboy is back in. Between the proliferation of bootcut trousers and cowboy boots on city streets and runways alike, there’s no denying that westernwear has wormed itself back into the sartorial zeitgeist. Yup, it is now plain good, not bad or ugly, to go for The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

Now just what is westernwear, you ask? The term refers to apparel, footwear and accessories that draw inspiration from the classic trappings of a wild west denizen. The most obvious example of this is, of course, the good old-fashioned cowboy boot, but bits and pieces of workwear and Americana have moseyed their way into the category as well, as have high-end offerings that wouldn’t look out of place at a saloon, making the category a mishmash of ready-to-work staples and style-forward flexes.

The best part of the new westernwear trend? You don’t need to know how to ride a horse to saunter in some swanky rancher denim. So giddy the heck up already and get on this westernwear wave before this rodeo passes you by. We’ve even ponied up and lassoed some backcountry-inspired styles, from bona fide workwear to designer digs, for your cowboy-speration. Below, 14 westernwear picks guaranteed to ensure a wild west of a summer.

a pair of brown western boots from Ariat on a grey background

Ariat Rambler Western Boot

Ariat is a westernwear OG, and their rough-and-tumble Rambler leather boots — which feel like sneakers, we might add — will serve you well, whether you’re chasing bucks or saddling up to the new bar downtown.

two model shots of the Levi's Bootcut 517 jeans on a white background

Levi’s 517 Bootcut Jeans

It’s no longer a faux pas to wear bootcut jeans, which is lucky for us, because we simply can’t resist Levi’s updated style. Slightly relaxed (aka perfect for summer), they look killer with a ribbed tank and some old cowboy boots.

a model in the Taylor Stitch The Ledge Shirt
taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch The Ledge Shirt

Taylor Stitch’s western-inspired chambray Ledge Shirt is shockingly lightweight, especially given its woven durability, making it a great work and workhorse shirt alike.

a model in a black graphic rodeo tee from  Pendleton on a grey background

Pendelton Rodeo Graphic Tee

If “Yeehaw!’ were a tee, we’re pretty sure it’d look something like Pendelton’s Rodeo Shirt.

two model shots of a the wrangler ranch denim

Wrangler Rancher Dress Jean

High-waisted? Check. Single-pleated? Mhmm. Leon Bridges approved? It’s official, the Wrangler Rancher Dress Jeans are the coolest trousers we’ve seen all year.

The One Of These Days short sleeve button up with a western print on a grey background
One Of These Days

Neighborhood x One Of These Days R Shirt

If you wear a desert landscape shirt and no one is there to shower you with compliments, did it ever really happen?

a pair of brown cowboy boots from Ariat on a grey background

Ariat Circuit Wagner Western Boot

The Ariat Circuit Wagner is as fine a boot as they come; dressed up with handsome leather and a dark welt they’re refined enough to wear with suits or slacks.

a short sleeve button up shirt with western pattern from Dust and Resin on a grey background

Iron and Resin Desert Shirt

Iron and Resin took the western-themed direction very seriously, and the result is a swanky conversation starter of a short-sleeve button-down. That is to say, we’re not mad at it?

a pair of dirstressed chinos from RRL on a grey background
Ralph Lauren

RRL Distressed Twill Field Pant

RRL, Ralph Lauren’s hallowed westernwear line, is currently offering 30% off a herd of stylish apparel, meaning you can snag a pair of these Distressed Twill Field Pants without as the prerequisite price-tag guilt.

a checked red and white button down from Filson on a grey background

Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt

Best known for their rugged workwear, we can all but picture the breezy Filson Washed Feather Cloth shirt on the broad back of a stallion-mounted sherrif. Also, on the back of the grillmaster at the backyard bonanza.

a silver tipped western leather belt from Orvis on a grey background

Orvis Bison Tapered-Edge Belt

Made in the USA from 100% bison leather, the Orvis Tapered-Edge Belt is as rugged as they come.

two shots of a New Era "Frisco" tee on a white background
Urban Outfitters

New Era Frisco Roughriders Ringer Tee

A cotton ringer tee proves the optimal bootcut compliment, and this on-brand New Era graphic oozes cowboy cool.

a tie-dyed bandana from Gap on a grey background

Gap 100% Organic Cotton Bandana

The subtle bandana around the neck is a westernwear power move, especially if the bandana in question is crafted from a comfortable 100% cotton blend.

a western style lowcut leather boot from Ariat on a grey background

Ariat Booker Ultra Western Boot

The Booker Western Boot is one of those sleek numbers that go with just about anything, thanks to it’s trim full-grain leather upper and an acid-resistant, lightweight Bantamweight sole.

a stetson wide-brimmed cowboy hat on a grey background

Stetson The Rawlins Cowboy Hat

Want to look like a cowboy? Wear a cowboy hat. It’s that simple.

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