Chuck Taylors Just Put on a Winter Coat, Basically

The winterized All Stars traded canvas for Nubuck leather

October 20, 2017 9:00 am

Iconic? Check. Stylish? Double-check. Able to withstand the elements? Eh … not so much.

At least that had been the case with the Chuck Taylor All Star over the 10 decades since its release until Converse decided to do something about it in advance of the winter of 2017.

For their new winterized All Stars, Converse swapped the standard Chuck Taylor canvas for water-resistant Nubuck leather to create a pair of boot-like sneakers that are nearly waterproof.

Winter Cons (3 images)

With a vulcanized rubber sole to provide protection outside and an inner bootie to offer comfort inside, the All Star Waterproof Nubuck’s silhouette is still unmistakable as a Chuck Taylor.

Available in both one-tone black or sangria as well as two-tone gray or brown versions (white soles), a pair of the boots will run you $120.

For some other cool winter sneaker options, we’ve got a sextet of options here as well.

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