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Baker Miller Pink: A hoodie designed to destroy your enemies

By The Editors
November 27, 2015 9:00 am

From the energy-harnessing jewelry favored by MLB players to the compression sleeves adorning the arms and legs of half the NBA, pro athletes have always been suckers for a good “wear this, play better” gimmick.

The latest? The Baker Miller Pink hoodie by London sportswear brand Vollebak.

Aside from its Stormtrooper-meets-fencer aesthetic, the garment boasts some interesting tech designed to help wearers “activate their parasympathetic nervous system.” Meaning: it (allegedly) coaxes your mind and body into a more tranquil state by slowing your breathing and lowering your heartrate, which can “improve performance and speed recovery.”

You can read all about the science behind the garment right here. It’s largely based on an experiment from the ’70s in which exposure to a color called “Barker Miller Pink” (Pantone 618) proved able to suppress aggression in delinquents and inmates. The hoodie — which only comes in P618 — aims to achieve the same effect for serious athletes.

It’s got some other cool features as well, including a mesh visor that helps slow breathing, straitjacket-style sling pockets and integrated channels for your headphones. They even put together a 30-minute “soundtrack” to help you get in the zone.

Also of note: their equally sci-fi Condition Black ski jacket. More photos below.

all images via Vollebak

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