Vincent van Gogh and Vans Sneakers Was a Collab Waiting to Happen

Today in art history: Post-Impressionism meets skateboarding

July 31, 2018 9:00 am

You have to wonder if it’s not a collaboration born of a silly joke about Vincent “Vans” Gogh that someone ran with, but that doesn’t make it a bad idea. A brief 128 years after the beloved artist died in poverty and relative obscurity, a new generation of cool kids will continue to carry the torch of some of the Dutch painter’s most famous, non-Starry Night works, in the form of a collab between Vans and the Vincent van Gogh Museum.

Available at the official Museum website and Vans’ dedicated page on August 3rd, the collection includes items inspired by the paintings Self-Portrait, Sunflowers, Skulls, Almond Flower and more. The graphic, colorful designs adorn slips-ons, classic Sk8-Hi and Authentic sneaks, tees, hoodies and even a bomber.

It fits well with the ongoing ‘90s revival that fashion is working through as well, what with the sunflower and checkerboard motifs, a deft combination of each party’s iconic aesthetics.

van Gogh (4 images)

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