Buy This Belt, and You’ll Never Need to Buy Another One

Upton: Hand-stitched leather goodness

February 27, 2017 9:00 am

You know what really ties your outfit together?

A belt. (Cue rimshot.)

And this is the last one you’ll ever need: Upton.

Handstitched in Texas. Custom fit. A perfect blend of formal and everyday wear. And all for about half the price you’d expect.

“Lots of brands sell belts, but they’re usually pushed into the quietest corner of a store and forgotten,” says Upton founder Justin Kerzner. “Which is funny, because the belt takes up some of the most important real estate on the body.

Upton belts — and before you ask, they have zero connection to Kate Upton, but here’s every image result for “Kate Upton belt” so you can get that out of the way — use veg-tanned calf leather and solid brass buckles. The models are divided into three categories: dress, casual and sport. All are very handsome but minimalist. Remember, this is about pulling your outfit together, not distracting from it. No garish branded logos here.

To start, you’ll be sent a fit kit: it’ll take you just a few seconds to measure yourself and get the perfect sizing. If your belt doesn’t fit after you get it, they’ll make you a new one. (They’ll also do stitch repairs for free.)

Gain or lose some weight? No worries: each belt comes with a stainless steel hole punching tool to get you resized as needed.

Upton’s three styles, each available in multiple colors:

The Ward: A sportier number with a thin layer of waxed canvas on top. “Merges athletic ideals with a timeless look that would stop Arnold Palmer in his tracks,” as they say.

The Duke: Slightly slimmer (1 1/8 inch) strap, rounded hand-painted edge. For the most formal of occasions. “Very serious, with no sense of irony.”

The Knox: Your daily wear. Works well dressed up or down.

Coming soon: belts made from exotic skins (python, alligator, etc.), with a new style arriving every four weeks. Plus, a cool leather card holder and a leather dog collar.  

Upton’s pricing follows the Warby Parker/Everlane/Bonobos model: no middle man (excepting a new exclusive to Bloomingdale’s that’s sort of a sporty/dress mix), so prices are a reasonable $110-$130 with free shipping. Each belt takes about five days to make.

Don’t see what you like? Ask ‘em for a custom order.

After all, this is going to hold you up for a long, long time.

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