I Am Going to Live in Uniqlo’s Cashmere Sweater This Fall

The Japanese retail giants have done it again

q wine colored cashmere turtleneck

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I’m a big sweater guy, in both senses of the phrase. Crewnecks, cardigans, turtlenecks, you name it. I love me a nice, oversized, heavy pullover, and come fall, I find myself living in sweaters, especially now that the back-to-work charge means we actually have to wear something other than sweatpants and hoodies. After all, a sweater, especially a comfortable one, fits the fall dressing bill to a tee. Warm and forgiving, the style has all the panache of a swanky polo, or the business casual chic of an unstructured blazer, but being knit and non-inhibiting, it allows for the full range of motion sitting at your office desk requires. 

The versatility of a good ol’ sweater is also something that I can get behind. A nice cashmere joint is more than work-appropriate, meaning I’m able to dodge the dress shirt or stuffy suit and opt for something a little more enjoyable. With the array of cuts and colors available, it’s really more of a question of “what can’t you wear,” rather than its inverse.

a Uniqlo grey turtleneck

This is where the hardest part about rocking a knit top becomes a factor: actually choosing one. Like I mentioned, with so many styles and fits to choose from, it can feel overwhelming and intimidating to select a top. “What if I get it wrong? What if this isn’t work-friendly? What if I look like my grandpa?” The nervous questions abound. 

That’s why I’m here to recommend my go-to look for the fall and winter months: Uniqlo’s Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater, in their buttery, supple cashmere. I have yet to find a sweater that can square up to this saintly soft sweater pound-for-pound when it comes to quality and affordability. And most importantly, it looks damn good. 

Now you might be asking yourself, “Just what makes this luxurious pull-over so great?” To which I might respond, “Where to even begin?” For starters, this bad boy clocks in at under $100 bucks. Your read that right. Premium cashmere for under $100. If that doesn’t already get your ears perked, I don’t know how to help you. More so than the price tag, Uniqlo just gets everything spot on with their design. The cut is what I would call a generous slim: ribbing and a tight hem means it’s fitted enough to show off those bis and pecs, but it offers enough room to modestly hide the COVID 15 you may have put on. The turtleneck is also just supremely comfortable, soft to the touch, but with all the warmth you’d expect out of a fall sweater. It’s great to layer, or wear on its own. Basically, it’s just a really excellent piece of clothing.

a model in a brown cashmere sweater

One of my favorite takes on the cashmere turtleneck in wine is under a khaki-colored unstructured blazer: an suave alternative to the lame-o button-up, my turtleneck-suit combo serves major ‘70s vibes (just the way I like it) and rakes in the compliments. If you’re not a big high-necked guy, the crewneck cashmere is just as affordable and lux, but without the extra fabric up to your chin. Over and OCBD and under a nice jacket, the style makes fall dressing a breeze and really, it doesn’t get much better than that.

However you choose to style your fall fits, opt for the affordable opulence of Uniqlo cashmere -trust us, you won’t regret it. I sure as hell don’t. You can find the turtleneck and crewneck versions below, as well as more creamy cashmere styles at Uniqlo’s webstore. Stay fitted, my friends!

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