Tux Capacitor

By The Editors
February 11, 2013 9:00 am

Let’s get one thing out of the way:

Every man should own a tux. Nothing makes you look more gentlemanly.

And yet — in cases where said penguin suit is unavailable (you’re traveling, your waistline is no longer 25 years thin, etc.), every man should also know the best way to rent a tux.

This is that best way.

Introducing The Black Tux, online now.

These aren’t white stretch limo, one-size-fits-all prom duds we’re talking about here. 

No. TBT’s tuxes are knit from super 150s merino wool. They deliver. And you can customize everything, from the collar type, to the cuff links, to the kicks (they even have, no joke, black Chucks).

The tuxes average just $95, with free shipping both ways. The suits arrive ten days before your event. When you’re done, just put everything in the box and send it back. 

And never think about it again. Until the next time.

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