Suede Jacket Spring? Thanks a Lot, Timmy (Via Bob Dylan).

These coats are definitely not blowing in the wind

March 28, 2024 11:21 am
a collage of Timothee Chalamet and suede jackets
The biggest takeaway from Chalamet's upcoming Bob Dylan biopic? You're gonna need a suede jacket.
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This sucks so bad. I had it all planned out — I was fully prepared to settle into the very manageable chore coat-denim jacket-trench rotation, I recently swapped in for my winter puffers and topcoats. (After all, it is spring.) But now, thanks to suspected twink/known X-Box controller modder Timothée Chalamet, I have to buy a damn suede jacket. And you do, too.

Spring Is the Perfect Time for Suede Shoes
From the classic to the fashion-forward, there’s something here for anyone looking to step up their footwear game this season

Whoa, whoa, whoa. How did I get roped into this, you might be wondering. I didn’t even catch Wonka in theaters! I hate to break the news to you this way, but, coming off a Dune press tour hot streak, the actor was snapped in a short suede coat this past week in NYC, filming for the upcoming Bob Dylan biopic, set to hit the big screen next fall.

The pictures of Chalamet in character as Mr. Dylan, blasting cigs and reading poetry on a non-descript West Village park beach, naturally went viral immediately, thanks in large part to killer costuming that included roughout boots, ’60s style, high-waisted trousers, and a quintessentially Zimbo jacket — presumably vintage, as the cropped suede coat is so perfectly worn in that to call it “buttery” would be to do it a disservice.

This little suede stitch might just be the best outerwear moment of the year, an unfortunate reality for everyone involved. Unfortunate for Timmy because he’s still going to get clowned for being a silly little guy, and unfortunate for you because the pictures serve as an internet-wide reminder that investing in a Dylan-core coat remains one of the smartest things you can do.

I, A Woman, Am Begging You to Wear a Suede Jacket This Fall
Ditch the denim to make room for some swaggy new suede

None of this is so crazy. Given its literal centuries-long shelf life, a suede jacket is able to telegraph character and cool in a way few articles of clothing can. Beyond looking like you’re going to be slightly chilly all night, it’s a surefire way to dress up your standard tee-jeans bar outfit or dress down a buttoned-up oxford. If Timmy isn’t proof enough, I’ll harken (there’s a Dune joke in there someplace) back to the James Dean days of yore.

I was specifically careful with my word choice before, as a suede jacket is an investment. They are prohibitively expensive, but remember, after plugging in your 50 year-variable into the CPW (cost-per-wear) equation, you should be left with a justifiable factor. I’ve even done my part to make sure your Dylan-driven purchase is worth every cent, and identified a few of the best styles on the market for you to shop below. Suede for spring…who would’ve thought?

Shop the Look

It couldn’t be…is it…I mean, the name…yeah, no, I’m pretty sure this Todd Snyder snap joint is modeled after the one and only bard.

Part spring staple and part suede masterpiece, Drake’s Heavyweight Chore Jacket is worth every cent.

Not all suede jackets have to run you multiple bands. Quince “dab” puts the affordable with a sleek little trucker jacket number at only $250.

Not ready to go full Dylan mode with a suede trucker jacket? Try Billy Reid’s Savoy Workshirt instead — it’s a more modern, wearable interpretation of suede at it’s best.

There’s investment suede, and then investment suede. This Tom Ford jacket is both, somehow.

Unlike many suede styles, Buck Mason’s Rambler Jacket captures a very 2024 vibe with it’s slightly boxy fit and leather contrast collar.

Too cool for buttons? Copenhagen-based NN07 dropped this banger in collaboration with the Throwing Fits goons, and while it’s not quite as Tim-Dylan-y as the rest of the suede line-up, it just oozes swag.

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