Affordable Boots Made from the World’s Finest Leather? Yes You Can.

Introducing a shell cordovan boot that won't bankrupt you

January 23, 2017 9:00 am

Shell cordovan is regarded as the finest leather on earth.

And it doesn’t even come from a cow.

The material — sourced from the skin of a horse’s rump — is prized mostly for its lustrous hand and the fact that it’s packed with more oils and waxes than any other cattle-call leather you’ll come across.

Thursday Boot Company

When experts talk about about leather aging like fine wine, they’re really talking about shell cordovan. Not only does it get softer and more comfortable with wear, it also gets tougher. And because the leather never creases, it makes for the perfect material for footwear.

As a warning, all this doesn’t come cheap. Heritage brands like Alden offer shell cordovan boots upwards of $800 a pair, while Rancourt’s shell cordovan penny loafer is priced at $650. Even a shell cordovan belt will run your wallet $350.

Thursday Boot Company

But you don’t have to spend a fortune for some of the world’s finest leather.

Thursday Boot Company just launched a limited edition shell cordovan version of its signature Vanguard boot. The price? $489. Comparatively speaking, this is a spectacular value. The leather is sourced from the Rocado tannery in Tuscany, and only 100 pairs were made.

We suggest you hopping on before they’re all gone. Head on over to Thursday Boot Company for more info.

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