The Kickass Hemp Clothing Brands Every Guy Should Know

Hemp is better than cotton. Change our mind.

July 19, 2019 9:35 am
Wellen Hemp Sweatshirt
A hemp crewneck sweatshirt by California brand Wellen, one of the material's greatest advocates

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After a few decades of quite literally being illegal to make (you can thank President Nixon and the Controlled Substances Act of 1970), hemp clothing is slowly working its way back into the consciousness of American fashion. No longer just the de facto garb of your spacey uncle who’s been practicing yoga since before it was cool, hemp is increasingly being adopted by well-respected clothing brands and designers who recognize the many benefits of the material.

It bears noting that once upon a time, hemp was a highly coveted and harvested product in America, used heavily across a wide range of industries including paper-making, sailing (for rope and tear-resistant sails), clothing and more. It was valued for its incredible durability as a crop (it is a weed, after all) and its relatively inexpensive production costs as compared to other crops (namely cotton). Hemp grows more quickly, it’s heartier, and it uses a fraction of the water required for the same amount of cotton.

With cannabis inching its way towards federal legality, hemp was finally removed from the Controlled Substances List last year, which had it languishing alongside its brother crop, marijuana, and the likes of much harder substances like LSD. Now, hemp is finally widely available to designers and apparel brands, and they’re adopting it with open arms, from retail giants like Patagonia to newer brands like Faherty, Taylor Stitch and the Huckberry-owned Wellen.

Beyond the obvious environmental benefits, there is a reason that you, as a consumer, should embrace hemp. Designers love its durability-to-weight ratio, breathability, wrinkle resistance and the fact that it’s not as flimsy as thinner materials like linen or cotton. Having tested a ton of hemp of hemp clothing ourselves, we can confirm these virtues: it’s comfortable and built to last, and the structure can gives casual wares like T-shirts or sweats a more tailored look. Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite hemp gear for your perusal.

Jungmaven Baja Hemp Pocket Tee

These tees are made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. They’re loose fitting and sturdy as hell, with all the durability of hemp but the suaveness of an organic cotton tee. They come in a wide variety of both muted and bright colors, so you can get something for all vibes.

Wellen Hemp Polo

This polo has a slightly lower hemp content (30%) but still maintains all the desirable characteristics that come from the fabric. A great option when a collar is required, from the golf course to the beach club.

Patagonia 6″ Lightweight All-Wear Hemp Shorts

We all obviously know how committed to the environment Patagonia is, and these shorts are no exception. Thanks to their anti-pilling finish, they’ll last much longer than your average short, meaning less consumption. They’re also incredibly versatile, with a chino-esque appearance and a 6” inseam, which is the baby bear of casual short lengths: not too short, not too long.

Taylor Stitch California Hemp Poplin

Another 55% hemp/45% organic cotton blend, this button-up from Taylor Stitch is a great length to be worn either tucked or untucked. It features non-GMO and pesticide-free hemp as well, so you can sleep easy wearing it. Well … don’t sleep in the shirt, but it’s comfortable enough that you could if you wanted to!

Outerknown Hemp Sur Sweatshirt

A very affordable option for a high-quality crewneck sweatshirt at just $69, it also comes in a wide variety of colors. It’s thick enough to keep you warm, but also soft and breathable, so you’ll be comfortable even if the thermostat is reading a little higher than you anticipated.

Wellen Hemp Zip Hoodie

No travel wardrobe is complete without a quality zip hoodie. This one will keep you comfortable thanks to the organic cotton, which accounts for 45% of the garment. It’s got some personality to boot thanks to the textured melange of fabric from which it’s woven.

DopeKicks Waterproof Hemp Sneakers

Despite the terrible name, these shoes which have already met their crowdsourcing goal more than 20 times over, and are, as the name implies, waterproof. And thanks to their hemp canvas construction, they’re durable while still being very flexible. They also feature upcycled rubber insoles.

Faherty Sierra Peak Hemp Vest

Currently heavily discounted, this cotton/hemp blend will provide an excellent layering option come the chillier months of the year.

Tact & Stone Marin Blouson Jacket

The outer shell is made from a hemp and polyester blend, meaning it is rugged and water resistant, which if you’re asking us is a pretty handy thing to have in a jacket. The barracuda silhouette certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

Patagonia Lightweight Hemp Coach’s Jacket

In addition to looking like an ‘80s football coach in all the right ways, you’ll find that this jacket is a perfect warm-weather option to bring along in case things get a bit chilly at night.

Bonus: Hardworking Gentleman Moisturizing Hemp Lotion

This all-purpose lotion is made from all-natural ingredients, including the incredibly useful hemp seed oil. Take care of your skin now — it’ll still look good when you’re older and less handsome, and thus need it.

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