The Fast and the Fashionable: Hackett’s New Suits Honor Williams Racing and Formula One

Only 114 of these racing-inspired travel suits will be sold

By The Editors
March 23, 2016 9:00 am

A man who knows high style will be familiar with Hackett’s success in the world of suiting.

A man who knows high speed will be familiar with Williams Racing’s success in the world of Formula One.

A man who knows both will want to get familiar with the Hackett Williams Racing Travel Suit …  and fast.

Image via Hackett Williams

To commemorate its second year of being the official clothing supplier to Williams Racing’s 16-time FIA Formula One world championship-winning team, Hackett unveiled a limited edition suit tailored from lightweight wool that’s designed to be water-resistant, breathable and offer wearers natural stretch — even at 70 MPH.

To show off the threads, Williams and Hackett enlisted the help of longboard skater Liam Morgan and filmed him wearing the luxury suit while shredding the Paul Ricard race circuit in Marseille.

In order to pay tribute to each of Williams Racing’s Grand Prix victories individually, Hackett will sell 114 of the suits, and each will have a bespoke label depicting the country and year of a win as well as an interior stitched with an exclusive technical drawing of the car that captured the checkered flag.

The racing suits will be available in select Hackett stores and online beginning April 6th and will cost just short of $1,000.

You can’t spell lapel without “lap.”

Images via Youtube

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