The Ensign Is a One-Stop Shop That Redefines American Style

Made-in-America clothing that seriously raises the bar

By The Editors
February 28, 2017 9:00 am

Progressive or conservative?

In pretty much every facet of American life, it’s the question that divides us.

But there’s no need to pick sides today, gents.

Championing style that both challenges the norm and proudly embraces American heritage: The Ensign, a new fashion-forward e-commerce site that’ll redefine your wardrobe — while working exclusively with made-in-America labels.

The Ensign was started by Luis Morales and Jason Wagg, two style vets who earned their stripes at Ralph Lauren, Neiman Marcus and Tom Ford. But this is no ordinary e-commerce site. The site purposely showcases emerging American designers, often offering up exclusives and a “see now buy now” ideal where looks debuted during, say, Men’s Fashion Week are literally available the second they’re showcased … not six months down the road.

This is, as Wagg notes, also not your normal shirt-and-tie store. “We want to showcase something novel, different, things that push the envelope in style,” he says. “We’re very based around how guys dress today. They mix and match — it’s dress pants and a leather jacket.”

And they’re serious about that made-in-America tag.

“Quality used to mean it had to be made in Italy, and if you were going for cost it was made in China,” says Morales. “And ‘American fashion’ was not made in America. For us, we’re being purist about it. We believe American fashion has to be made in America.”  

The store boasts a wide range of products, with prices ranging from $165-$2,795 (InsideHook special: Get 20% discount if you use the code insidehook, good through March 12). Some items are amazing. Some will need some skill to pull off in the office. With that in mind, here a few designers and looks we like:

Kramer & Stoudt Dean Reversible Bomber

Inspired by the 1980s California counterculture, this nylon slim fit switches from forest green to a green/navy hybrid depending on how you wear it. (Their knit bomber is a bit more traditional.)

Carlos Campos Lab Coat

Classic American style with a Latin twist. And apparently a cool science angle. This lightweight layer will make you the most chill guy in your lab.

Garciavelez Pinstripe Scafolded Blazer

What do you get when a Harvard lecturer, architect and Alexander McQueen vet makes a suit? A pinstripe jacket of “constructed comfort” with exposed seams and surgeon’s cuffs.

And while the above are certain conversational pieces, The Ensign doesn’t overlook casual shirts or a nice pair of pants.

That said, this is about taking a chance. On your wardrobe and our country’s brightest young talent.

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