All the Coolest Sunglasses Styles to Consider in 2023

A one-stop guide to choosing the right sunnies for you

Updated April 18, 2023 1:58 pm
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In 2023, the sunglasses styles for men are all over the place.
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Hey, you! Yes, you, the guy unsuccessfully attempting to cup his hand over his brow or yanking his beat-up baseball cap just a little bit further down. You need some sunglasses, my guy. A trustworthy pair is essential, regardless of whether your Sundays are spent at the kid’s soccer game or nursing a nasty hangover (or both). The form-meets-function combination of stylish protection, sunnies are hands-down the most important accessory you can own.

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Don’t just grab a handful of junky plastic frames at the corner store; this is a decision that demands some serious consideration. But that’s not to say your sunglasses have to be ultra-expensive: Between constant sales and some serious advancements in manufacturing, a good pair can be had without breaking the bank. There are names you know you can trust — the likes Persol, Carrera and, of course, Ray-Ban — but don’t rule out newcomers who are making waves in the sunnies space, either. 

How to Pick the Sunglasses Style for You:

Face Shape: The default method for some time now, face shape is a fast and loose tool to help determine which sunglasses style might look best on your dome. We’ve included recommended face shapes for each style below, but beware — getting an accurate face shape is imperative to the practice. (On the other hand, you can also just ignore the method if whatever shades you so choose look good on you anyways.)

Construction: Just as important in picking out sunglasses is the actual makeup of the shades. Frame construction denotes durability and quality, and there are a few buzzy materials that rightfully command serious respect in the shades space.

  • Acetate: A high-grade plastic material, acetate is a sustainable version of plastic, with a slightly different chemical construction that degrades much faster and easier than plastic (we’re still talking decades to centuries here, though). Comparable to shiny, smooth nylon, the style is one of the premium materials, along with a denser metal, to be used in shatter-proof shades.
  • Polarized: Polarized lenses — in laymen’s terms, a treated lens that blocks harmful UV rays and dims glare — are the premium industry standard, and one we strongly suggest pursuing. They’ll often cost a hair more, but there’s a noticeable difference in quality. Likewise, lens color varies, but darker colors (grey, brown, black and blue) tend to ensure proper protection.

The best part about sunglasses? There’s a style for everyone. While it’s true that certain frames can flatter more than others, we don’t think there’s much to the “only this face shape can wear aviators” baloney. You, a grown man, should be able to tell which sunglasses are a cop and which are a drop. So instead, we’ve highlighted the most important six sunglasses styles in 2023 — from classic Wayfarers to badass aviators to funky new-age shades — that you should know. Find a pair, wear them with confidence and prepare for your best summer yet.

All the Sunglasses Styles to Know in 2023:

Round Sunglasses

The round style of sunglasses cropped up as early as the 1950s, with origins in the counterculture before transcending into modern pop culture and becoming the favorites of superstars like The Beatles. Nowadays, the in-vogue round style is a bit fuller, with tortoiseshell frames and dark lenses the preferred look. Still, thiner, metal frames have their charm, and look killer on the beach.

Face shape recommendation: Square, Rectangular

Square and Rectangular Sunglasses

A neutral style that fits just about every guy around, square sunglasses run the gamut of materials and sizes, making it perhaps the most expansive category of glasses. Some overarching commonalities remain, however: Square sunglasses offer excellent protection, sit evenly on the face and provide a flattering cut that’ll surely end up as your go-to glasses.

Face shape recommendation: Round, Oval

Aviator Sunglasses

Originally developed for fighter pilots, these shades feature the instantly recognizable teardrop lens and brow-line bridge that denotes your average Joe from a certified badass. Newer acetate frames give the style a powerful look, but the classic metal Ray-Bans are still the epitome of everything right about sunglasses.

Face shape recommendation: Round, Oval

Performance Sunglasses

Of all the styles, performance sunglasses probably do the best job at accomplishing what the accessories were meant to do in the first place: protect your eyes. Frequently polarized and often utilizing materials like rubber and silicone for an anti-sweat, lockdown fit, iconic brands like Oakley and Carrera have been outfitting runners and cyclists for decades. The sportswear giants — Nike, Adidas and more — have recently entered the performance glasses frenzy with fashion-forward styles of their own that don’t skimp on some serious tech.

Face shape recommendation: All

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ready to christen spring with a little foray out to Nantucket? Do you swear by your boat shoes? If so, Wayfarers are the sunglasses for you. The style has been a hit since the mid-20th century and remains a handsome, square-leaning style for any fellow who prefers a classic shape. The Ray-Ban Clubmaster style, which borrows the brow-line shape of Wayfarers but forgoes the full frame for a top-only design, also reads old-school cool.

Face shape recommendation: Square, Rectangular

Fashion-Forward Sunglasses

Noticeably in this season is the oversized cat-eye or rectangular shade (a certain musician and caped crusader pulled off the style quite well), which draw from the ’90s but add a fresh 2023 flair. Don’t be afraid to experiment here — glasses are the perfect way to accessorize, especially since if you decide you’re not up for the challenge, you can always just take your sunnies off.

Face shape recommendation: Diamond, Heart

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