Calling All Geminis: You Can Finally Buy Steve Lacy’s Mask Sunglasses

Here's how to preorder the previously sold-out shades

March 9, 2023 10:52 am
a photo of Steve Lacy's sunglasses on a purple gradient background
Steve Lacy's mask sunglasses were completely sold out...until now.
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Steve Lacy is him, dog. And we’re not talking about the big numbers hits like “Bad Habit” are doing on Spotify — we’re talking about the Grammy-winning artist’s unrelenting proclivity for monumentally baller ‘fits. The Gemini Rights singer pulled up in head-to-toe YSL, flexed some archival Kiko Kostadinov, posted unreleased Balenciaga on main…and that was just this month. Lacy has style running through his veins.

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Even among style-forward musician ilk, Lacy’s longtime penchant for looking immaculately drippy — @FitVomit, the artist’s not-so-private “fitpic” account, dates back to deep into 2020, while 2019 album Apollo XXI features Lacy an early design by the prolific Ludovic De Saint Sernin — is prolific. Case and point: we can’t stop obsessing over Steve Lacy’s sunglasses. A hallmark visual of his most recent tour, Steve has consistently whipped out the boxy, bug-eyed, nose-bridged shades on a number of occasions (see: the Grammys), enough so that we started to get seriously curious about the style.

Who Makes The Masked Steve Lacy Sunglasses?

After hours of reverse-image searching, Reddit spelunking and general internet sleuthing, we managed to track down the exact make of Lacy’s shades…and much to our dismay, discovered they’ve been sold out for ages. Part of an elusive set of launches from London-based legacy eyewear gurus Linda Farrow and German designer Bernhard Willhem, the superhero-esque 3 C7 Mask Sunglasses were completely out of stock in all 9 of their colorways, and while there are a few pairs floating around secondary resales markets, the Steve Lacy sunglasses were more or less impossible to find…until today.

Where To Buy the Linda Farrow Masked Sunglasses:

Despite an exclusive collab status, Linda Farrow announced that, by popular demand, there will be a relaunch of the Lacy-endorsed Mask Sunglasses through their webstore, slated for release on June 15. The even better news? The Linda Farrow Mask Sunglasses are available for pre-order today for $195— they’re not cheap, but you’ll want to grab them ASAP, before you end up having to pay the massive chunk of change the style will surely fetch at resale. You can secure your pair, and a little taste of stardom, below, or at this link.

Linda Farrow Mask Sunglasses
Linda Farrow Mask Sunglasses

Release Date: 06.16.23 | Price: $195 | Material: Recycled Black Acetate

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