Your New Favorite Swim Trunks Are Loud, Bright and Very Australian

They call 'em cozzies down in those parts, FYI

July 2, 2018 9:00 am

Earlier this summer, we laid out the case for never spending more than $50 on a pair of swim trunks.

Today, we eat our words.

Feast your peepers on the latest men’s swimwear collection from Skwotch, a company by way of — where else? — Australia that hucks their fruit- and animal-printed suits for $79 AUD a piece, which translates to $58 stateside.

Is that $8 more than we ideally want to spend on a pair of trunks? Yes. Is it worth it, for this one-time exception? Also yes.

Skwosh Men’s Swim Trunks (4 images)

The mesh-lined cozzies, as the Aussies call them, are built from soft, durable polyester and feature a timeless mid-length inseam. What sets them apart, though, are the high-contrast, almost garishly lurid prints, which range from flamingoes to kiwis to a very tasteful red-white-and-blue club stripe.

International shipping can take up to 20 days, so get your order in stat if you’re looking to sport a pair this summer.

H/t Man of Many

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