We Found the Kickass Sunglasses Robert Pattinson Wore in “The Batman”

The Dark Knight has surprisingly good taste

Robert Pattinson wearing Persol Sunglasses for "The Batman"
Warner Brothers

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Superheroes are the new style icons. From Tom Holland’s red carpet masterclass to Simu Liu’s stunning suit at the Academy Awards, the action stars are pulling off some serious looks.

So then, on paper, it makes complete sense that Bruce Wayne — played by Robert Pattinson in the newest iteration of the Dark Night’s on-screen escapades — would have some serious taste; after all, the D.C. character is not only a cool billionaire but the mild-mannered alter-ego of the caped crusader.

But we were still somehow surprised by how just how bang-on the costume design in Matt Reeve’s The Batman was. Dark tailored suiting, long car coats, a grungey haircut that would make Kurt Cobain green with envy, and, of course, the show-stealers themselves; an incredible pair of rectangular sunglasses.

a pair of sunglasses seen in "The Batman" on a blue-purple background

Persol PO2747S Rectangular Sunglasses

The Persol PO2747S isn’t a bat-belt gadget, but the exact model of sunglasses Mr. Pattison is seen wearing (for what is an admittedly and painfully short moment) in the film. Handmade in Italy, these polarized, acetate-frame shades balance bad-boy cool and demure patrician, with a moody shape and silver accents.

To be fair, the Italian lens crafters are no strangers to the silver screen — they’ve long cropped up in films like The Talented Mr. RipleyCall Me By Your Name and James Bond: Spectre, and have been spotted most famously on Steve McQueen. It’s both expected and refreshing that they’re clearly continuing the trend with Robby.

So here’s your chance to emulate a brooding Bruce and grab some very good sunnies in the process. The Persol PO2747S Rectangular Sunglasses are available at Persol’s webstore. We can’t promise they’ll bolster your crime fighting abilities, but you’ll look like a badass, and that’s all that matters.

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