Public Rec Made Office Pants You Can Wear Anywhere

The Workday Pant 2.0 has developed a cult following among performance-driven guys. We put it to the test.

September 29, 2023 10:01 am
a collage of the Public Rec Workday 2.0 Pants
The Public Rec Workday 2.0 Pants are made for everyday wear.
Public Rec/Getty Images

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We’re used to considering this new age of “performance” clothing with a fair dose of skepticism. After all, far too often, do-it-all apparel does anything but — the teched-out amalgamations of four-way stretch and zip pockets and serious performance, whatever that means, often fail to deliver a product that can actually compete with the needs of everyday life.

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Given that fact, to suggest that we were (perhaps unfairly) totally prepared to dislike Public Rec’s Workday Pants 2.0 would be an understatement. Billed as a pant for any and every excursion, from office to golf course to hot date, the Chicago-based athleisure brand’s latest trouser revamp sent our bullshit alarms blaring.

But here’s the thing. Shockingly, against all odds, the Workday Pants 2.0 can actually do all of that and more. Blame it on Public Rec’s business model; originally a 2015 Kickstarter campaign by Zach Goldstein, Public Rec’s identity is predicated on combining the comfort of couchwear with apparel you can wear across your everyday life. Which makes for some pretty killer clothing, if you ask us (or the 1400+ folks who’ve bestowed an enviable 4.5/5 star rating on the Workday Pants 2.0). In fact, we’ve been a fan of the brand’s quality essentials for nearly a decade.

Quality Construction

It’s not a coincidence that guys everywhere reach for the Workday Pant 2.0 on golf days and boardroom meetings alike. With a polyester material that allows for maximum movement, a snap-back finish, water resistance and a five-pocket, boardroom-appropriate look, Public Rec’s claim that these bad boys bring “undercover comfort to formal occasions” isn’t far off. They don’t rip, they move with you and they generally feel like they could handle anything.

Public Rec Workday Pants 2.0
The devil’s in the detail when it comes to Public Rec Workday Pants.
Public Rec

Inclusive Sizing

The work-ready finish and hole-in-one-esque movement is a clear draw, but we’d like you to take a moment and appreciate a less obvious feature of Public Rec’s masterpiece — a veritable host of sizing. Available waist sizes start at 28 and run all the way through 44, with inseams likewise ranging from height gamut oh 28-36″, making them practically bespoke and perfect for men of literally any size.

Unmatched Versatility

Just as impressive as the construction is the fact that you can wear them anywhere. And truly, we mean anywhere. Golf course, parent-teacher conference, Raya meetup, etc. Pair with a tee or with a button-down and some office-appropriate sneakers and you’re golden. (Maybe skip the tank top and sandals, though.) Basically, follow the general rule of “replace your dress pants with these guys” and there should be zero problems.

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The Workday Pants 2.0 are available in a whopping 12 colors, including classics like sand, slate and black as well as modern shades à la deep bay blue and maroon. You can grab a pair for yourself below — and we highly recommend you do — or at Public Rec’s website. Prepare to have your mind blown.

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