112-Year-Old American Bootmaker Now a Belt, Walletmaker Too

Red Wing is finally putting all those leather scraps to use

October 17, 2017 9:00 am

Fact: Check in our pocket right this minute, and you’ll find a couple credit cards, no driver’s license, and maybe $20 in cash. Loose. Ready to be lost or stolen. Because after all this time, we’ve never moved to a wallet. (Yeah, we know — it’s the sort of transition usually made about three weeks after graduating … from middle school.) What can we say? It’s a level of commitment. Also, if you lose a wallet, you lose everything. Do it our way, and basically what happens is those 20 bucks will fall out of your pocket. And you’ll decide it’s time to finally buy a wallet. 

red wing (4 images)

When that day comes, we’ll be glad to get ours at Red Wing, the 112-year-old bootmaker that produces 5,000 pairs a day at its HQ in Minnesota. Their boots — whether worn by oil-field workers or by coastal city hipsters — are all made from the same leather, produced by Red Wing’s own S.B. Foot Tanning Co. And now, that leather will be put to new use: in Red Wing’s new line of small leather goods, including wallets, dopp kitts, and more. We like the classic cardholder — probably because it’s the least like a wallet. Old habits die hard. 

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