The Complete Guide to Quince Brand Essentials

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August 4, 2023 3:12 pm
Quince Hero shopping guide
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Rarely is there a single retailer that I would go to for luggage, curtains, cashmere and silk (you wouldn’t order sushi from a place that also sells pizza) — but Quince has proven itself an affordable-luxury frontrunner time and again. I’ve been turning to Quince when shopping for myself, my home, my boyfriend and gifts because the quality of their products rivals high-end brands. It’s no wonder that this is the case because Quince uses the same manufacturers as many of the leading brands in the luxury space. Based in San Francisco, Quince’s manufacturer-to-consumer (M2C) business model allows them to price responsibly-made leather, sustainable linen, pure cashmere and much more at prices that will make you do a double-take. The M2C model is similar to direct-to-consumer (DTC), the main difference being that manufacturers handle order fulfillment, which keeps prices extra low. Below, you will find some of our favorite Quince products, each broken down by category.


If you’ve never ordered window treatments, dismay is probably the best way to describe a first-time curtain shopper’s reaction when they discover how much it costs. It’s just fabric, right? Even if you’re not ordering custom curtains, each panel will probably run over $100. Quince has gorgeous, expensive-looking velvet and linen curtains that won’t break the bank. 

I opted for the blackout linen version (starting at $90) because I prefer my bedroom to be pitch black. The panels come in three lengths (48” by 84”, 48” by 96”, and 48” by 108”) so you can adjust based on how high you plan to hang the rod (err on the side of too long because it looks funny if your curtain doesn’t hit the ground). The non-blackout version is $10 cheaper and great if you prefer an airier feel (there’s also an $80 sheer option).  

The hardware selection was also very impressive and included three different finial options (stacked square, ball, endcap) to complement your decor. Since I had blackout curtains, I skirted the final look and went with the Room Darkening Rod (starting at $70) to ensure not even a sliver of sunlight peeks in. If you’re keeping tabs, the hardware brings me to a grand total of $250 to outfit my bedroom with curtains. Browsing prices at the Shade Store revealed that I’d spend northward of $550 (easily) for their most basic curtain option.


Linen curtains are a great segue to Quince’s other excellent linen offerings, specifically their menswear. They have an entire collection of 100% European Linen that includes pants, shorts, blazers and shirts. My personal favorite is the short sleeve button down in driftwood. This toasty hue pairs well with warm-weather pinks and blues. The fabric is heavy in a good way (not chintzy) and has just the right amount of casual wrinkle, but easily steams out when I feel it’s appropriate to break out my Nori Press

Affordable cashmere was what first drew me to Quince ($60 for a cashmere crewneck sweater is pretty unbeatable) and the quiet luxury trend led me to their cashmere baseball cap. It’s available in four colors (black, navy, camel, and grey) and is perfect for cosplaying Kendall Roy. In colder seasons, you’ll love their other cashmere offerings such as the long-sleeved polo, cardigan, and turtleneck, which are all made with ethically and sustainably sourced cashmere from Mongolia.  

Whether you call them “work pants that feel like workout pants”, “work leisure”, or “performance chinos”, it’s obvious that uncomfortable slacks are a thing of the past. Many brands are charging a premium for actually-comfortable dress pants, but Quince has developed a dashing pair that’s only $50. The Ultra-Stretch 24/7 Smart Chino is beautifully tailored and has the subtle texture of a wool dress pant, but it moves like a performance pant. With a 4-Way active stretch twill that’s also spill-proof and moisture-wicking, an occasional in-person meeting won’t feel like a chore when you can wear such comfy pants.


Quince’s women’s line is equally well-priced and stylish with jumpsuits, silk slip dresses and wide-legged pants that keep up with trends while also feeling timeless. My favorite outfit to wear to the ceramics studio is the linen jumpsuit, which I pair with a white tee shirt.  

The washable silk collection is my favorite travel wardrobe because it’s easily hand-washed in a hotel sink and dries very quickly. Quince’s mulberry silk folds down to almost nothing and takes up minimal room in my suitcase. The v-neck cami is my go-to summer shirt with everything from denim shorts to high-waisted pants to skirts. The washable silk mini skirt is perfect for daytime (with sneakers) and the midi length is great for a more sophisticated evening look. If you prefer something more maximalist try the tiered maxi dress ($130) that has 10% spandex for a little stretch. 

The female counterpart to the men’s work-leisure pant is the ponte pant. I’ve been seeing the “comfy feel, professional look” fabric everywhere, and Quince offers no fewer than seven different styles. Whether you’re looking for a kick flare or straight leg or skinny or ultra-wide leg, they’re all under $50. If you’ve ever wished you could be the type of person who doesn’t dread pulling on a pair of proper pants, this wrinkle-resistant ponte fabric will get you there. 

If you’ve been coveting the much-lauded Parachute waffle robe ($130), you’ll be glad to see that Quince’s Organic Turkish Waffle Robe ($50) looks virtually identical. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were made in the very same factory. The main difference is that Quince’s has two pockets, which if you ask me is a major upgrade. 


When I saw that Quince’s checked luggage was only $180, I was skeptical. But many trips later, it’s still in beautiful condition, and I can confidently recommend that you skip those other luggage brands. For context, I had an 80L suitcase from a popular luggage brand (which set me back $325) and the zipper broke off on its first trip. This 76L hardshell version from Quince is almost half the price and much better constructed. It’s 8.8 lbs and has all the features you’d expect such as 360-degree wheels, a TSA-approved lock, an interior compression system to maximize space and a removable laundry bag. 

Quince is constantly expanding their offerings and breaking into new product categories. The eye-opening information they provide about traditional retail prices compared with their own means I will shop Quince first whether I’m buying a Hillhouse-style smocked dress, bodysuits, a 14K gold pave diamond ring, or luxe Italian cotton bedding

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