Proof’s 72-Hour Merino T-Shirt, The GOAT of Travel Tees, Is on Sale

Save 30% on one of Huckberry's best-selling styles

January 31, 2024 11:59 am
a model in a Proof Merino Tee
Proof's Merino Tee can do literally anything.

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There’s a common misconception that all T-shirts are basically the same. After all, even a Carmy-coded, Japanese-spun Whitesville tee ultimately does the same thing as one from a Hanes 6-pack, give or take some bicep huggage and a slightly improved fit. Right?

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Wrong. There’s a whole cannon of contenders that are pushing the limits of what a T-shirt can be, chief among them Proof. Part of outdoor retail GOAT Huckberry’s impressive coalition of in-house labels, the brand focuses on delivering premium, functionally inspired gear with smart fabrics.

It all starts with Proof’s best-seller, the 72-Hour Merino T-Shirt. Named for the fact that you can ostensibly wear the shirt for 72 hours straight, the tee is made from the silky blend of 16.5-micron New Zealand-sourced Merino and nylon. All of the properties that have made Merino so coveted in recent years — anti-stink properties and temperature regulation are the highlights here — are on full display in the top, making it an ideal choice for lightweight packing and sweaty excursions.

If you’re interested in trying out a whole new t-shirt experience (or stocking up on your favorite tee), today is your lucky day: Huckberry is offering an exclusive discount on Proof’s exceptional tee. Code MERINO30 your ticket to 30% off the admittedly expensive item, and the discount extends to all 17 colors of the shirt. Grab one below, or, better yet, grab a few. They’re well worth the (now discounted) expenses, we promise.

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