The Next Evolution of the Puffy Coat Is Here, and It’s Full of Helium

Prices start at $10,000

You might need to anchor this jacket to the ground, lest it drift off.
Andrew Kostman

In the colder months of the year, you’re likely to see plenty of people walking around in puffy coats. Over the years, the puffy coat has become an iconic part of style, with some achieving a (literally) rarefied level of demand. Last year at the Sundance Film Festival, for instance, a puffy coat from Grey Goose designed for filmmakers became a particularly in-demand item.

The coat in question looked great, to be sure. But was it capable of hovering above the ground? It was not. And it’s in that department that a new limited-edition jacket from designer Andrew Kostman goes where no outerwear has gone before.

An article by Jennifer Hahn at Dezeen has the details on Kostman’s creation, known as Helium-10000. The name will probably give you a sense of what gives this jacket its puffiness — it comes with a can of helium which is used to inflate it, meaning that its wearer can also tote it around like a very large, very expensive balloon.

Kostman’s website notes that only 100 jackets will be made, with prices starting at $10,000. (Bookings are available online.)

The designer told Dezeen that the coat’s feel is particularly unique. “It feels like being wrapped in cotton candy,” he told Hahn. Manufacturing was handled in Japan, and the coat comes in 6 different colors. Its accompanying helium container is capable of refilling the coat twice, and each refill lasts for approximately two weeks.

Based on the interview, it sounds as though the process of putting the coat together included a host of logistical hurdles. The result is half garment, half conversation piece — and as fascinating objects go, it certainly succeeds.

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