Someone Get These Leather Bags Some Diplomas

And then get yourself these leather bags

May 2, 2017 9:00 am

You should carry yourself with confidence.

And your bag can go a long way in helping you achieve that.

Which is exactly why we dig Moore & Giles, longtime purveyors of luxury leather goods.

Their new line of ingenious carry-ons, briefcases and tech sleeves look great. But it’s what’s on the inside — and something we’ve never seen before, mind you — that really sets them apart.

Quick background: established in 1933, M&G mixes and matches high-end, unique leathers with exceptionally clever product features to create a diverse line of leather goods that ranges from chairs to knife carriers to record players. And their new line of bags — now available for preorder — sticks to that formula, especially on the “clever features” front.

As longtime travelers, we know the cleanliness and organization of our belongings decreases about five percent every time we throw ‘em in a duffel. But these bags protect your clothes from wrinkles, power up your devices and offer new sizes and reinforced pockets we’ve never seen before. The aggregate effect of these additions? Bags that actually improve your stuff once you throw it all in.

The new members of the team:

Tinsley Tri-Fold Carry-On

A mix of waxwear autumn plaid and durable full grain aniline leather, these duffels hold two suits in an internal garment bag while leaving enough room for your shirts and shoes. They also feature an external strap that secures the bag over your rolling luggage.

Webber Upright Briefcase

You can customize this tote-shaped briefcase — which utilizes a leather more akin to a high-end dress shoe — with 12 different handles. And each case features two spacious zipper pockets flanking a drop-in, reinforced center pocket (the bag can also be secured over a larger suitcase’s handle, like the Tinsley).

Tech Sleeve with Built-In Battery

Fine Italian leather protects your laptop, while an integrated, TSA-approved battery with both USB and lightning port connections keeps things powered. Also available as a smaller, tablet-sized Tech Pocket.

And while it’s not a bag, their new Reversible Belt, with two great leathers and a nifty removable buckle, is worth a look.

Always good to get more than you bargained for.

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