The InsideHook Guide to Loungewear

Flannels, slippers, sweats and robes. Let’s review.

January 10, 2017 9:00 am

God help us.

That’s the weather report out of Mammoth Lakes, California, where up to twenty feet of snow are expected to fall this week.

And they’re not alone. Whether you’re in New York, Colorado or — yes — the Deep South, a look out your window probably paints a similar picture: forget that; we’re staying inside.

At your service: the InsideHook Guide to Loungewear. From terry robes to throw blankets, sweatpants to space heaters, we’ve got everything you need to stay toasty this winter.


1. Pendleton National Park Bathrobe
You probably know the signature National Park stripes from their throw blankets. Here they give a nice punch of color to a cotton bathrobe.

2. Fury Bros Premium Candles
These soy wax candles come in scents that’d do a cowboy proud (campfire and fresh-cut tobacco; saddle leather with pine and citrus) and last for 40 — yes, 40 — hours, which should keep your nightstand alight till the storm passes through.

3. Faribault Foot Soldier Military Wool Blanket
A super-durable design based on blankets once commissioned by the U.S. military. Won’t stop bullets, but it will be draped about the foot of your great grandkid’s bed someday.

4. Ball and Buck Commando Sweater
One-hundred percent ribbed merino wool for heat, military-style leather shoulderpads for … we’re not entirely sure. But they look great. So will you.

5. Florsheim Stormy Night Slipper
Genuine lamb shearling lining and a suede outer on a rubber driver sole that will (hopefully) ensure you don’t break a hip fetching the paper.

6. Buck Mason Hunter Sweatpant
The crew behind our favorite T-shirt also make a sweatpant that looks lived in out of the box thanks to butter-soft, USA-milled French terry and four tastefully faded colorways. Buy them all, grow a beard, pick up a typewriter and move to the woods. Six months later you’ll have a best-selling novel to your name. Guaranteed.


1. Wings + Horns Cabin Fleece Robe
A boxing-inspired robe that simply crushes the competition in warmth-to-weight ratio.

2. GoodLife Terry Crew
Like all of GoodLife’s intensely comfortable clothing, this contrast crewneck sweatshirt says, “I have approximately zero intentions of leaving the house today, but if we must, I will. Just don’t expect me to change clothes.”

3. Mahabis
The original indoor/outdoor slipper has a detachable rubber sole, which means you are very much encouraged to wear it in public. No need to take ’em off when you come in — just pop off the soles and deposit them in the mudroom.

4. Rumple Puffe Blanket
As of this writing, you have about two days to claim one of these battery-powered heat blankets on Kickstarter (they’ve already passed their goal 15 times over). It’ll even charge your devices, should you not want to stray too far from bed.

5. Public Rec All Day Every Day Pant
Originally introduced via a Kickstarter in 2015, Public Rec’s flagship item is built with one goal in mind: comfort. They suggest you wear it out of the house; we think they pair equally well with couches and Out-of-Office replies.

6. The Stadler Form ANNA Heater
Best known for an award-winning bamboo fan, Stadler Form shows they can also take on Old Man Winter with an elegant ceramic space heater that can heat rooms up to 270 square feet in size.

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