Madhappy x Vans Team Up for Customizeable Sneakers

Each pair includes a "friendship-bracelet" inspired beading kit

Sneakers are the new friendship bracelets.
Sneakers are the new friendship bracelets.

The perennially optimistic lifestyle label Madhappy has teamed up with Vault by Vans on their first sneaker collaboration. The shoes are based on the classic, low-profile OG Style 43 LX and are made from cream-colored canvas featuring primary colored stitching throughout for a subtle yet still noticeable pop of color.

Save for the stitching, the sneakers remain blank, meaning to serve as a “blank” canvas for the wearer who can customize the sneakers to their liking with the included beading kit, allowing them to outfit the shoes with “friendship-bracelet”-style letters and symbols. True to Madhappy’s commitment to mental health and promoting conversation around it, the sneakers provide the perfect vehicle for self-expression.

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