American Buy

By The Editors
October 10, 2012 9:00 am
American Buy

True patriots always buy American. That’s why the Chevy Camaro’s so popular — because nothing says “Made in America” like “Actually Made in Canada!”

That was a cheap shot, but this isn’t: introducing the Made Collection, purveyors of actual, honest-to-goodness quality American goods, taking online orders now.

Based in Boulder, Made curates and sells heritage products at strong discounts, plus reveals the stories behind the brands and tells you exactly how your purchase is helping the country.

Made CollectionEvery week or two, the founders of Made float a uniquely American trope (“Explore America,” “Ivy League,” etc), and then curate U.S.-crafted products around it — e.g., Handyside jeans, boot-scrap wallets, hand-sewn bow ties, Cocobolo straight razors, slingshot kits, etc. — often on sale for 30% off.

Each product page features a point of origin and a homespun company bio. “Growing up on a farm, Garrett Kautz learned to use his hands,” begins the Strawfoot Handmade description. “But it wasn’t until later in life that he discovered how to use a sewing machine…”

Each time you buy, you earn “Boom Points,” which accrue for future purchases and discounts.

Because nothing’s more American than a good deal.

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