Deal: This Lululemon Running Hoodie Is $30 Off

It's made with proprietary No-Stink Zinc, which is fun to say

Deal: This Lululemon Running Hoodie Is $30 Off

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Lululemon’s Fast and Free Nordic Hoodie is currently $30 off, as part of the brand’s ongoing We Made Too Much sale. The 100% polyester top is another example of the athleisure brand’s successful foray into running wear, and includes breathable, anti-stink tech, so you can have it ready for a few days of runs in a row, without having to incessantly chuck it into the wash.

We’re also big fans of the dual-color design, which is a bit out there for a brand that usually sticks to color-blocks in various shades of grey. Pick one up now — we know you’ve been running — and rely on it for the next month or two ahead, as the weather continues to make up its mind. Sizing is still good throughout.

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