Deal: An Extra 40% Off Summer Sale at Levi's Means $20 Jeans

Grab the best pairs before someone else does

Levi's men's denim jeans
Yes, these jeans right here will only cost you a Jackson.

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Remember when jeans were the butt of the joke at the beginning of the pandemic? People were decrying even a semblance of sartorial structure in favor of sweatpants, shorts and other loungewear. Now, we’re craving some structure, some normalcy, and Levi’s is offering it in the form of $20 jeans.

OK, $20 jeans are definitely not normal, but that’s what you’ll find at the summer sale happening at Levi’s, where the denim kingpin is offering an extra 40% off its sale section when you use code HELLOSUMMER. After a quick search, the Slim Straight 513s and Taper Fit 502s come in around a Jackson with the discount, but your best course of action is to pick your size on the left hand side and shop from there. There’s also plenty more than jeans available, including shirts, sweatshirts and accessories, so be aware: if you get over the $100 mark, they’ll also throw in free shipping.

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