Levi’s Fresh Combines a Bounty of Poppy Florals With Vintage Styling

April showers bring some seriously good denim

a group fo models posing in Levi's Fresh collection

Trends come and go. Fads fade in and out of style. But produce… produce is forever. At least, that’s what Levi’s seems to be insinuating with their most recent Spring/Summer 2022 capsule, Levi’s Fresh.

Inspired by their 1970s campaign of the same name, the collection draws inspiration from the beautifully-toned fruits and veggies all around us, but takes the concept one step further; featuring dyes derived from natural sources, including plants and botanicals, Levi’s Fresh aims to incorporate modern sustainability and cutting-edge design without losing the sense of vintage fun the Levi’s of old emulated in spades.

a set of three Levi's tees and jeans in floral spring colors

Leaning on vibrant pinks, mellow yellows, icy blues and soft lavender, the collection takes vivid monochromatic to the next level with a set of full get-ups including sweatshorts, vintage-cut tees, and of course, some classic Levi’s denim. Dressed up in pastels, the 551Z Straight Crop Jean and a Type II Trucker Jacket both feature as standout styles, ready to be worn with their complementary tonal counterparts or — daringly — with one of the other brightly-hued garments. Each piece comes complete with a produce graphic tag, a nod to the vintage carrots marker from the original Levi’s Fresh.

Equally of note, the collection doesn’t just feature fun spring styling, but some serious innovation: the aforementioned natural dyes used in the Levi’s Fresh collection, derived from ethical sources like madder root extract, natural indigo and pomegranate skins are a step away from toxic and harmful coloring practices. The dyeing process saves water as well, with a powder dye technique and top-down garment dyeing that requires and utilizes less water in the creation of the apparel.

The Fresh collection’s bright hues are up for grabs now and available at Levi’s webstore. Eat your fruits and veggies, or maybe just pick up some fresh (pun intended) new gear for spring from Levi’s today.

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