Jomers Sells High-End Suits for $250. Here’s How.

They'll out in minutes. But you’re getting a head start.

August 29, 2017 9:00 am

The great thing about menswear brand Jomers?

They’re about to release some natty suits for just $250. Suits you’ll actually want to wear.

The bad thing? If past product drops are any indication, they’ll sell out in about 20 minutes.

But today, dear reader, they’re giving you a two-hour head start.

Quick background: Jomers made their name by creating high-quality menswear for ridiculous prices. The keys? No branding, low overhead, extremely low production runs and no marketing — just a quick heads up on social media when they release something new, which often leads to frantic shopping and quick sellouts.

So that’s how you can get Japanese linen canvas chinos for $48, long-sleeve polos for $30 and now suits for $250.

This isn’t “cheap” quality, though: the company sources materials from well-known mills in Italy, Portugal, Belgium, etc., and then produces the clothes in both the U.S. and Hong Kong.

Jomers (2 images)

But don’t think of this as just another Everlane or Warby Parker model, says CEO Meyer Dagmy.

“Our model is essentially applying the Amazon model to a vertically integrated brand — meaning offering the same high quality product you’ll find elsewhere but instead of ‘cutting out middlemen’ or skimping on detail, we just slash our own margin.”

As for the new suits: according to Dagmy, they’re using the same fabrics you’d find at Suitsupply, J. Crew or Bonobos (all companies Jomers has been compared to in the past). Using a half canvas construction (which provide great structure), genuine horn buttons and Bemberg lining, these are nine new styles of great everyday suits for several hundred dollars less than most of their competitors. Free shipping, too.

They’re going on sale for the rest of the country at 2 p.m. If you want to land one of these early, head here and use the passcode earlyaccess (all lower case).

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