You Can Chuck J.Crew’s Newest Suit in the Wash. Seriously.

Breaking up with your dry cleaner is all on you, though

October 22, 2018 9:00 am

Serial stainers, dry-cleaning adversaries, guys who just got home from an arduous business trip … rejoice.  

J.Crew’s latest Ludlow-cut suit, called Destination Stretch Performance, is 100% machine washable. Seriously. Chuck it in, add a Tide Pod and go put on a pair of sweats. 

It’s an element of launderable ease we rarely associate with our finer garments. Garments which, let’s face it, take on more sweat and marinara sauce than we’d care to admit. But J.Crew’s construction blends cotton with nylon and elastane, offering an exterior that handles water like a trench coat and has never even heard of wrinkles, along with a silky Bemberg lining that can handle a back stretch or two. 

Purchase yours here

All images from J.Crew

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