J.Crew Drops New Nike Killshots in Sail Green Colorway

They pair well with just about everything

Nike Killshot x J Crew green colorway
Nike Killshots now come in green (J.Crew)

Besides maybe that pair of slip-on Vans or those beat-to-high-hell Sperry Top-Siders you can just pop your feet into to walk the dog, few pairs of shoes have really been able to pull off the combo of something you’d wear to run errands or something you’d rock if you’re going to grab a low-key dinner and on Saturday night like the Nike Killshots.

Even though they tend to sellout pretty quickly, it’s hard to walk around a big city without seeing somebody in the old-school looking Nikes, usually with the blue swoosh, but sometimes in the newer red version. The collaboration, that Jake Woolf at GQ says turns everyday J.Crew shoppers “into hypebeasts,” are pretty ubiquitous at this point.

So it makes sense that the brands would team up to drop a latest pair, this time in green, just in time for all your outdoor activities and perfect for pretty much anything you decide to put on. This newest colorway shows the brands recognize just how popular the sneakers are, and maybe signal that they’re totally comfortable with the Killshots not being as difficult to procure as they were in the past.

The sneakers, which go for $90 a pop, are on sale in J.Crew stores today, but won’t be online until May 15.

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