In Defense of the Broad Brim Hat

How to wear a fancy topper without getting snickered at

By The Editors
June 9, 2016 9:00 am

The topic of men in brimmed hats benefits greatly, like many things, from honesty.

It is an article that demands greater consideration than pocket squares or cufflinks (or any other hats, for that matter) because those accessories are less unabashedly stylish. Easier to pull off, if you will.

So let’s be honest: a wide-brimmed hat that doesn’t work screams that you’re trying too hard, and trying too hard never worked for anyone. Which is not to say that a man can’t pull off a fancy topper. Many do, and to great effect. But if you’ve ever muttered the words “hipster hat,” look deep inside yourself and examine what’s actually drawing your ire: is it the hipster, or the hat? Because done right, a wide brim can deftly punch up a variety of looks: rocker guy, vintage guy, workwear guy, Ivy League preppy guy, so on and so forth.

So carefully consider the look. Try a few styles. Floppy or structured? Wool or straw? Minimalist or flashy? It’s gotta look natural. And you’ve gotta feel comfortable in it. Remember, your hat’s already drawing eyes — keep everything else simple. Below, a few to help you start your search.

1. Yellow 108 Maison Fedora $48 | 2. La Rose Paris Brown Zip Fedora $330 | 3. Goorin Bros. Marlon Fernandez $160 | 4. Buck Mason x Stetson Silverbelly Holliday $250 | 5. Albertus Swanepoel Panama Hat $228

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