This Deodorant Is More Like a Piece of Art (But Still Works)

Plus: 7 other new products to elevate your grooming routine

September 20, 2018 9:00 am

To make great changes in your life, sometimes you need to start small.

Like, say, your armpits.

That bargain deodorant stick you’re using? It’s bad for the environment, bad for your health and not even doing a good job keeping you dry (or smelling good).

Instead, roll with Helmm, a new high-brow deodorant that uses real ingredients and features a handsome, refillable container that won’t end up in landfill somewhere.

The idea behind Helmm is to innovate a product you use every day but don’t think much about.

Starting with the packaging: Helmm’s container, with thick and smooth edges and a transparent window to show you when you’re running low, is crafted from non-corrosive alloys and hand-stitched, laser-cut Horween leather. It’s more like a piece of industrial art than something to hide away in your bathroom cabinet. (It’s also supposed to have the “satisfying feel of a Scotch tumbler.” Sure, why not.)

As well, the container utilizes about 60% less plastic than deodorants from cheap drugstores. Even the refill cartridges are comprised of recyclable plastic.   

As for the product itself? It’s crafted from a proprietary formulas free of parabens, phthalates, talc, triclosan, sulfate and aluminum (at least in the deodorant). Four different fragrances, all co-designed by French perfumer Cecile Hua, are available, including Trailblazer (Italian Bergamot essential oil, green cardamom extract, pure ginger essence), coastline (lavender and Mandarin essential oils), Hudson (peppercorn essence, vetiver absolute, cedarwood essential oil) and Night Market (Australian sandalwood essential oil, carrot seed extract, cypriol oil).

Admittedly, the first stick isn’t cheap: $25, and then $12 for each refill. You can schedule how often those refills are sent to your door, and also cancel your subscription at any time. But let’s put it this way: if it noticeably improves your standing when you walk into a room, the price is probably worth it. (You can also get a starter kit with three scents here.)

Want to up your grooming game even further? Here are a few other new(ish) brands you won’t find in the sales bin at your local pharmacy:

Olivina Men: Solid colognes, day/night rescue formulas, body washes and hand-rescue salve that we swear by, all in scents with a woodsy/boozy spirit (bourbon cedar, juniper tonic, ginger beer, etc.).

Mavericks: A three-part skincare regimen (and also shaving cream) designed by scientists.

Brandless: On a budget? All of these cruelty-, paraben-, phthalate- and sulfate-free personal care products are just $3 — and we swear by their mouthwash.

quip: A sonic vibrating toothbrush with a subscription plan to refill the brush heads. You’ll have healthier teeth, and their latest set (RED) gives back by providing 30 days of HIV medicine for those in need.

Crux Supply Co.: Improve your face with array of handcrafted charcoal face scrubs and citrus salt exfoliators

Scentbird: Basically, it’s Netflix for cologne. Designer scents (of your choosing) to your door for $15/month.

Blind Barber: Pomades, conditioners, a 40-proof sea salt hair spray and facial cleansers from the barbershop/speakeasy folks.

Photos: (Helmm) Via Touch of Modern; Olivina Men; Brandless

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