Why You Need a Western-Style Belt Like Harrison Ford’s

There's a reason the actor's been wearing it for 40 years

Harrison Ford Style Western Belt
Harrison Ford shows his enduring fondness for Western belts, photographed wearing one as recently as February of 2020.

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Harrison Ford understands the power of a good belt. At least, that’s what photos of the actor, outfitted and self-styled in what are presumably his own clothes, would seem to indicate, as a Western-style belt makes several appearances throughout the course of his career, from a snapshot of him in Paris in the 80s, to a more recent excursion from February of last year, picturing him heading into Jimmy Kimmel.

If there’s one thing these photos prove, it’s that your belt should not be an afterthought. Yes, while they’re largely there to keep your pants from sagging or to add a more professional air to an outfit, but that’s not to say they can’t add a little something as well. So let’s take a look at Ford’s preferred version of the accessory, the Western belt.

A young Harrison Ford demonstrating how he wears Western belts on two separate occasions.
Mazeau Jean Marie/Sipa/REX/Shutterstock / Barry King/WireImage

The belts Ford wears are all similar: crafted from leather and featuring heavy silver hardware, with the occasional variation in color and buckle size as the years progress. Photos of the actor in the 70s and 80s suggest the possibility of Ford wearing the same belt on multiple occasions; whether he had one or several during this time is irrelevant, as what’s evident is his enduring penchant for the style as a true wardrobe staple.

Even more admirable is Ford’s ability to take such a distinctive item and wear it in a way that always feels authentic and easy. The belt could easily lean too cowboy-ish, but thanks to Ford’s pairing of it with more subtle pieces, it works. Rather than go the obvious route of a plaid button-down and cowboy boots, the actor keeps it simple with navy and white polos and blazers, effortlessly blending two seemingly disparate styles, preppy and Americana, into one cohesive outfit.

Next time you find yourself underwhelmed by your usual shirt and jeans, heed the sartorial wisdom of Ford and throw on a Western belt. It’ll make all the difference.

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