Shirts So Good

By The Editors
May 22, 2013 9:00 am

When it comes to maintaining proper dress, the button-down — crisp, clean and tailored — is a basic necessity.

It is, to borrow Salt-n-Pepa, very necessary.

So to ensure you’re never without, feast your peepers on Hall & Madden, which ships immaculate new dress shirts to your door, available online now.

Founded by the guys behind Proper Suit (one of the first hats in the bespoke suiting ring), Hall & Madden doesn’t skimp on quality.

The shirts, sent three at a time at three, four or six month intervals, are cut from the same tightly woven cotton that Hugo BOSS Black uses.

Each features single-needle stitching, gusseted ends and mother-of-pearl buttons — practices almost non-existent at this price point ($50 per shirt).

To get a shirt-scription, simply sign up, enter your measurements and choose a preferred cut (slim, athletic or classic).

Your first shipment features three essentials: white poplin, blue herringbone and a white-and-gray striped oxford. Subsequent packages will include seasonal favorites (e.g., ginghams and bright colors for spring) as well as office-proven classics.

Now all you have to remember is the tuck.

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