The Internet Says You’re a Square If You Don’t Own This Jacket

Google's 2016 menswear report is in, and so are bomber jackets

August 29, 2016 9:00 am

You’re searching for a new bomber jacket.

How do we know? Because Google told us.

Analyzing two years worth of apparel-related search queries, the world’s most popular search engine just released its 2016 Fashion Report, outlining the year’s biggest menswear trends as dictated by popular search terms.  Here are the results.

Among the findings: searches for casual threads like “sweatshirt,” “white T-shirts” and “windbreaker jacket” are all on the up, hinting that the athleisure trend is not going anywhere soon. Men also searched for “ripped jeans” 100% more than they did last year, but we’re gonna go ahead and assume half of those searches came from Kanye West (presumably Googling photos of himself).

But if we’re talking the year’s biggest trend, it’s the continued resurgence of the bomber jacket. Searches for the jacket have grown 500% since 2015, and the trend shows it’ll only grow. Which makes sense when you take a look around you. Over the past few years, labels and designers have elevated the style from its military origins to an easygoing, everyday essential. So, what we get today is the same rugged appeal, but with better fabrics, fits and color options.

Oh, and the U.S. celebrity most often searched with the term “bomber jackets”? Kanye West. Go figure.

But you needn’t take style cues from Kanye. Below, a round-up of a few of our favorite bombers for your fall wardrobe.

1. J. Crew Suede Bomb Jacket ($995); 2. Alpha Industries MA-1 Souvenir Shinto Flight Jacket ($225); 3. Blue De Paname Bomber Jacket ($149); 4. Penfield Oakdale Quilted Jacket ($205); 5. Acne Selo Light Satin Shell Bomber Jacket ($600)

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