Deal: Flint and Tinder’s Waffle Trucker Jacket Is $70 Off Right Now

The Indigo Waffle Trucker Jacket is the perfect wardrobe addition at the perfect price

an indigo trucker jacket
Flint and Tinder

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Face it, Jack: as much as you might act like a tough guy, you need a jacket. None of this, “Oh, I’m not cold, it’s only 49 degrees” junk. And look, we’ve found the perfect one for that rugged everyman: the Flint and Tinder Indigo Waffle Trucker Jacket. Built like your classic denim coat and as comfortable as a henley, the F&T trucker looks the part of a rough and tumble jacket, and has enough heft to beat the chill. Don’t worry, you’ll still look like a tough guy. You can find the Flint and Tinder Indigo Waffle Trucker Jacket below, and shop the rest of the Huckberry sale offerings here.

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