Patriot Garms

By The Editors
October 31, 2012 9:00 am

If you take care of the basics, the rest will flourish — a maxim that’s as true for your wardrobe as it is the economy.

Helping both at once: Flint and Tinder, and their premium, American-made underwear.

Flint and TenderFlint and Tinder is an all-American story — started by a former men’s mag editor, developed into Kickstarter’s most successful style campaign ever, and now offering a pro-recovery ethos: for every 1000 pair of underwear sold, Flint and Tinder promises one “sustainable job will be added” to their supply line.

About that underwear: they’re custom woven trunk briefs, slim cut knit boxers, and crew neck tees, all made out of high-end Pima cotton that gets softer with wear.

All the stitching is high contrast, all the colors are vibrant, and everything comes with a tagless label that says “made in the USA.”

If you’re good for under-duds, Flint and Tinder also sells other U.S.-manufactured goods like canvas laptop bags, leather wallets, and Duke Cannon — a “Big Ass Brick of Soap” inspired by the suds used by G.I.s during the Korean War.

So to do your part for America, use the promo code “nsidehook10” and this link to get 10% off your first order (and “life-long special offers as a thank you”).

Uncle Sam wants you — to wear underwear.

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