Uniqlo U Is Here: Everything You Should Snag Immediately From the S/S22 Release

10 must-have items that are sure to sell out

February 24, 2022 11:23 am
Two model shots of in Uniqlo U S/S22

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On the off chance you’re unaware of Japanese retailer Uniqlo’s U line, let us summarize it for you: in conjunction with French designer Christophe Lemaire of eponymous Lemaire and Hermès fame, the hallowed collaboration is one of the most coveted drops of the year. Why? Because it’s just that good: versatile, beautifully cut, designer-esque garments at a fraction of the price. Sounds pretty great, right?

This season’s iteration lives up to the Uniqlo U name. Drenched in rich earth tones and subtle pops of taro, sand and sage, the obligatory warm-weather palette complements the relaxed fit Lemaire is so known for with pieces such as the Relaxed-Fit Tailored Jacket and Wide-Fit Jogger Pant. Everything feels exceptionally easy to pair and easy to pull off, like the 3-D Knit Sweater — the perfect toned-down layer for those tentative about crazy knit spring — or the IH favorite boxy, ultra-soft AIRism tee. Even the outwear invokes a sense of relaxation: while we’re not saying you should sleep in the Trench Coat, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t, either.

Unfortunately, The Uniqlo U line isn’t some well-kept InsideHook secret; the biannual line sells out every time, and if we were to put money on it, we’d say it’ll go sooner rather than later. The 29-item collection is now live at Uniqlo, and to save you the trouble of parsing through through it all on your own, we’ve pulled the ten items you won’t be able to live without this spring and summer. Ranging from some casual (but fully wedding-appropriate) suit to crispy selvage denim to draped knits and weaves guaranteed to keep you cool, there’s an upgrade for everyone, just waiting to be snagged.

A model in a beige suit on a yellow background

Uniqlo U Wide-Fit Tailored Jacket & Tapered Pants

Wedding suit alert!

A lavender t-shirt on a purple background

Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Oversized Crewneck Half-Sleeve T-Shirt

A signature U style, the AIRism tee is the easiest, breeziest, and generally best tee we’ve had the pleasure of testing.

green French knit pants on a green background

Uniqlo U French Rib Pants

You’ve heard of drawstring pants, but do you think you can handle the French rib?

a cream colored tench coat on a yellow background

Uniqlo U Trench Coat

You could fit two kids — stacked on top of each other, of course — in this billowy trench. If you’re a full blown adult, consider wearing it with your not-so-formal suit instead.

a beige lienen shirt on a purple background

Uniqlo U Cotton Linen Long-Sleeve Shirt

The more crinkles, the better, we say.

a black knit polo on a green background

Uniqlo U Knitted Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

As we’ve said time and time again, the short-sleeve knit polo is the king of warm-weather formal. Wear with a big-ass suit or some big-ass pants for maximum big-ass style.

white selvedge denim on a yellow background

Uniqlo U Selvedge Regular Fit Jeans

Like the pair your hipster friend won’t stop talking about, without the break-in time.

a striped brown and blue tee on a purple background

Uniqlo U Striped Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

P.K. Fire!

Green belted shorts on a green background

Uniqlo U Climbing Shorts

Great if you’ve seen free solo. Great if you haven’t.

a lavender blouson jacket on a yellow background

Uniqlo U Oversized Hooded Blouson

Lavender, oversized and cut to perfection, this is objectively the best jacket we’ve seen this year.

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