Wear on Earth

By The Editors
May 10, 2013 9:00 am

At some point, you’re going to have to think about how your actions can better the world.

Step one: be more handsome.

Seriously. That’s the world-changing idea behind ECOALF, a stylish and eco-conscious bag and clothing line, taking orders now.

Founded by a natty, treehugging Spaniard, ECOALF constructs all its wares from the world’s most unwanted — and unlikely — materials.

Which means: plastic bottles. Fishing nets. Tires. Post-industrial cotton. And (no joke) used coffee grinds.

These materials are used to make jackets, luggage and other artful sundries.

The highlights:

Colorfully striped recycled nylon swimwear.

Ecoalf Swim

A sleek, pocketable windbreaker.


And most recently, a collab with Barneys on a line of briefcases made of recycled fishing nets.

Barneys Ecoalf

Besides being pro-eco, EC’s products promise a heightened level of odor control, UV protection and fast drying action.

Saving the planet: no sweat.

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