A Dopp Kit for Every Occasion

These bags fight extreme weather, OCD and wild inefficiency

May 3, 2016 9:00 am

When you travel, you carry what they call “essentials.”

You should have a bag that caters to that.

Herein: 10 Dopp kits for every type of trip, from extreme weather to last-second getaways to OCD repair.

For extremely quick trips: Burton Accessory Case
If your trip is shorter than four days, this is the way to go. The polyester case easily fits a razor, toothbrush, deodorant, a tin of hair goop, cologne and a travel bottle each of toothpaste, shaving cream and lotion. Fits in the front pocket of most backpacks. Bonus: it’s under ten bucks.

For extreme weather conditions: Silicone Doppel Bag
A leak-resistant carrier by Wurkin Stiffs you can take in the shower, out in the rain or through the mud. To clean: spray it out and let it dry. And if something leaks inside the bag (looking at you, badly capped shaving gel), you’re equally protected.

For the OCD: Brown & Gray Travel Dopp Kit
Hook & Albert know organization. Here, they offer a Dopp kit with three different compartments — with the two side pockets folding almost completely flat. Nice leather accents as well.

For a nice morning pick-me-up: Hey Handsome Shaving Kit
Owen & Fred’s army green duck canvas mini-sack is water repellent and sturdy. It also opens up to a wonderfully bright “Hey Handsome” message. Here’s lookin’ at you.

For the stand-up guy: Refresh Dopp Kit
Dopp kit dilemma: You have to lie everything on its side. Here, Hard Graft crafts a handsome vertical kit that keeps your gels, shampoos and other leaky liquids upright. Dig the Tuscan veg-tan leather exterior, too.

For easy access: Topo Designs Dopp Kit
A smaller, triangular shape means your kit won’t spill over and rests on pretty much anything, while the cleverly placed zipper (2/3 up on the side) means you can grab your essentials quickly. The side strap is also larger, allowing you to carry on your wrist or hang over a doorknob/branch. Contrasting colorways make it easy to spot in the night, too.

For uses beyond the bathroom: Dopp/Folio 2.0
Problem with Dopp kits? Once you settle down in your hotel, they just kind of … sit there. Killspencer’s clever leather pack doubles your bag’s usage — it transforms from a rectangular box for your toiletries into a flat briefcase, allowing you lug your papers and MacBook around town.

For remembering where you’re going: Aviate x Hudson Sutler Dopp Collection
The travel-themed clothiers at Aviate teamed with bag gurus Hudson Sutler for these canvas beauties, which feature airport-themed twill lettering across the sides. Plus, a diagonal zipper for easy unpacking and two different-sized side handles for your carrying/storage needs.  

For getting it out of the way: Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag
Until Octovo gets their ridiculously eye-catching hanging Dopp kit back in stock, you could do worse than this vintage-style leather/canvas bag, which folds out to reveal four internal pockets and can hang on your bathroom door or lie flat.

For emergencies: The BC Hunter Dopp
A small toiletry kit forged from white firehose liner. Calling this one waterproof doesn’t do it justice. Narrower than most Dopps, it’s good for separating your shaving kit or spillable shampoos and body washes.

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