Deal: Shop the Sunski “Full Send” Sale for an Eyewear Refresh

Take 40% off select polarized styles

Shop the Sunski Full Send Sale
Shop the Sunski Full Send Sale

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Do you remember where you were on August 21st, 2017? It’s okay if you can’t recall because, ultimately, there’s a good chance you still remember the events that transpired.

It was a bright, promising Monday as millions across the country ran outside with protective sunglasses in hand to watch the solar eclipse for the first time in years. While most of us donned special glasses with solar filters, Donald J. Trump stood on his White House balcony looking directly at the sun with eyes unprotected as the crowd laughed from below and Melania blushed with shame by her busband’s side.

Now if we were to get technical, we’d probably describe Donny’s reckless act as a “full send,” or an action in which the consequences aren’t thought through. It’s a youthful term that’s gained traction in recent years, but it’s also the title of Sunki’s latest sale that takes 40% off select sunglasses. If only Donald were smart enough, he too could have shopped the Full Send sale for a pair of discounted shades that would have afforded him some protection. But alas, he’s an idiot that doesn’t really know anything about a good deal.

You, however, are a genius, which is why you should shop the Sunski Full Send Sale while you still can. Choose from four different styles and classic colors to protect your eyes from the sun, or just to look good.

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