Clark’s Is Finally Making Desert Boots That Are Impervious to the Elements

You haven't lived till you've jumped in a puddle wearing these

September 6, 2016 9:00 am

The thing about a pair of Clark’s is that they never go out of style.

The British label’s iconic Desert Boot has gone almost completely unchanged since it was introduced in 1950. To put that in context, in the time that the standard bearer for a proper men’s basketball shoe has evolved from this to this, the equivalent for a suede boot is exactly the same.

Do you know why it’s exactly the same? Because great design is timeless. (It also doesn’t hurt that they’re comfortable AF.)

But if there’s one complaint to be lodged with the Desert Boot, it’s that it’s not exactly robust. That ankle-high suede was designed for keeping dust out, not precipitation. And while a dutiful shoe caretaker will treat and waterproof them accordingly, eventually that sh*t will wear down and your kicks will develop a case of rain-induced leprosy.

Which brings us to Clark’s latest drop: a GORE-TEX version of the Desert Boot.

For those of you who never go outside, GORE-TEX is the waterproofing material of choice for Patagonia, North Face, Salomon and every other respectable outdoor gear brand on the planet. It’s essentially a breathable Teflon membrane that makes shoes/rain coats/etc. impervious to the natural world.

It also means you can now wear your Clark’s without checking the weather report in the morning. Or dump Champagne on them, which is how at least one writer plans on celebrating once his arrive.

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