CP3’s New Capsule Collection Will Assist You in Dressing Better This Summer

The newly minted Houston Rocket is keeping busy this offseason

June 28, 2017 9:00 am

“You should dress more like an NBA player” is not a piece of sartorial advice I ever pictured myself giving.

Because, you know, this. And this. And this.

But damned if Clippers Rockets PG and star of maddeningly nonsensical* insurance adverts Chris Paul hasn’t made a convert out of me with his new collab capsule for the curated-fashion-box cats at FIVE FOUR. The collection features more than a few pieces I’m keen to throw directly into my summer arsenal and you should be too. To wit:

This tonal cardigan, which has IMO the exact appropriate amount of color blocking to be interesting but not obnoxious. Also, cardies are the sleeper hero garment of summer evenings: they’re not too hot and they make any outfit look classy AF.

Then there’s this two (er, three?) tone knit polo, which shall be paired with razor skinny black trousers and a pair of Gucci slides I’ll buy because I saved so much money on the polo and figured “What the hell?”

Next, these trousers, because they have the perfect taper and also elastic waists are the sh*t at airport security (what belt?). And they have stretch for inevitably running through said airport to make the flight I’m about to miss.

And finally, this butter-soft tee, which not only completes a killer ensemble with the trousers and cardigan, but also features a handy ‘roo pocket for vapes, sunglasses and other summer essentials.

*In said adverts, Paul plays both himself and his long lost “twin,” who goes by the name of Cliff Paul. In what world would long lost twins have the SAME last name?! If anything, the twin’s name should have been Paul Chris. The guy has two first names! It’s such a layup.

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