Channel Your Inner Surfer With Mami Wata, Now at Huckberry

Inspired by Africa's thriving surfing culture

Channel Your Inner Surfer With Mami Wata, Now at Huckberry

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When you think of great surfing spots, you’re wont to think of Hawaii or California. But it’s a little known fact that Africa is home to some of the world’s greatest surfing spots, in countries across the continent. Unfortunately, the wealth of Africa’s surfing locales is only knowledgeable to a select few surfing enthusiasts and professionals, and local residents. Yet there’s one brand hoping to spread the word (and style) of African surf culture — Mami Wata.

The brand’s name comes from West African pigdin and translates literally to ‘Mama Water’ (or ‘Mother Ocean,’ if you prefer). In countries throughout Africa, Mami Wata is an African water spirit that takes the form of a mermaid who is said to take lovers that then return more successful and better looking. In other words, a very fitting (and alluring) name for a surf brand.

Now the brand is enlightening the world not only to the thriving surfing culture of Mozambique and Liberia, among other countries, but the style and apparel favored by their surfers. The brand’s offerings consist of boldly patterned swim trunks and button-downs often printed with surf-appropriate detailing like surf wagons and surf boards, to further drive home the brand’s ethos. And in an effort to further spread the word about the surfing culture in Africa, and continue to support that culture, the brand is committed to what they’ve deemed “Afrosurfonomics,” and are supplying 1,000 kids a day with surf therapy programs. So go ahead, get your surf on. Who knows, maybe Mami Wta will pay you a visit.

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