Canada Goose’s First Knitwear Collection May Keep Your Parka In Storage

Consider it your first line of defense against winter

October 3, 2017 9:00 am

Reaching for a Canada Goose down parka could mean one of two things.

You’re either gearing up for an arctic journey through one of the world’s coldest places, or … hey, it’s just another mild winter day in the city, and you’re one on-trend son of a gun.

The people who choose to embrace Canada Goose may be polar opposites — I’ve been known to poke fun at city folks who walk down the street looking like they’re about to summit Mount Everest — but the fact remains: the iconic Canadian label has a proven track record for keeping people warm, whether they’re techmongers or just your average Joe.

If you, like me, are curious about testing some Canada Goose gear but are less-than-willing to shell out upwards of $1,000 to do so, you’ll be interested to hear that the Toronto-based label recently just launched its first knitwear line.

In other words: they’re fixing to take over your whole winter wardrobe.

As reported by Business of Fashion, the new men’s offerings — which includes seven styles — is a project three years in the making. And it’s a journey the brand just so happened to have documented for your viewing pleasure:

While they’re known for their goose down feathers, Canada Goose looked to sheep and their fine merino wool for the new knitwear collection. Technical specs can be found throughout the line, including its proprietary Thermal Mapping design that sees strategically placed insulation in places where you need it most.

For the fisherman-inspired Galloway sweater, that means extra insulation under the arms and along the upperback, whereas the Hybridge Knit Jacket combines the best of both worlds by combining lightweight down with merino wool sleeves.

It should come to no surprise that the new collection will cost ya’ — prices start at $295 and the Hybridge Knit Jacket is going for $595.

Either way, it beats paying a grand, and is the perhaps the best way to test the Canada Goose waters.

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