Ditch the Canada Goose Parka for One of These Less Ubiquitous Alternatives

Avoid office matching with these cozy parkas

November 9, 2018 9:00 am

By no means do we intend to question the quality, aesthetics or heritage of Canada Goose, makers of no-bullsh*t parkas capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions. But for some of us, there comes a time when a brand’s ubiquity starts to work against it. And by God, those things are everywhere, and easily recognized by the giant red, white and blue patch adorning their left sleeve.

So as the weather cools down across the country and you begin to consider a new winter coat to protect yourself from the elements, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.

The 3L (2 images)


One newly released option comes from Best Made: The 3L Parka boasts 850-fill goose down, a water-proof three-layer outer shell and storm cuffs to keep water from sneaking in between your sleeves and your gloves. It’s free of logos, which is nice, and comes equipped with all the pockets you’d ever want, in exactly the places you’d want them. At $1,200, it’s not cheap, but it appears to be built like a tank.

Below, four more parkas worth considering, none of which are you likely to encounter in vast quantities out in the wild, for what it’s worth.

American Trench Goose Down Ventile Parka ($1,150)


Brooks Brothers Water-Resistant Wool Down-Filled Parka ($798)


Penfield Hoosac Iconic Down Parka ($54o)


Pendelton Denver Coat ($290)


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