Houston, We Have the Best Skiwear of 2017

Burton's new collection is one giant leap for shredkind

November 6, 2017 9:00 am

Considering they’ve been training to compete in the inaugural Olympic edition of the Big Air event at PyeongChang in 2018, we’d say the members of the U.S. Snowboard team know a thing or two about taking giant leaps.

Now, thanks to the design team at Burton, they’ve got the NASA-inspired uniforms to match.

Crafted from a custom material that was developed by “infusing a lightweight aluminum-coated fabric typically used for audio equipment with highly technical properties ideal for snowboarding in any weather condition,” Team USA’s new waterproof uniforms can deflect light and sound.

The silvery space jackets, pants, hats and gloves are covered with red stripes and patches of NASA’s old-school circular logo as well as “USA” stitched in retro font.

A stickler for sticking landings as well as details, Burton even outfitted the interior of the line’s jacket with Korean translations of phrases like “Do you speak English?” and “Wish me luck.”

Burton (5 images)

“The 2018 theme is also a heavy nod to Americana, because its main influence is the iconic suits of the United States’ leading space exploration program,” says Burton designer Greg Dacyshyn. “I have always loved the astronauts’ suits, because not only do they have such a cool and amazing aesthetic, they also were designed to function under extreme conditions, so this gave us an incredible platform to push the innovation and technology of the garments as well.”

You can’t get the full collection unless you make the team, but some pieces are for sale here.

Bronze and silver are fine, but they probably match best with gold.

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